Bohemian Style Thin Chiffon Beach Yoga Towel Mandala Round Bed Sheet Tapestry Tablecloth Silk Scaf

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These beach towel are made of Chiffon which is a fabric that's lightweight, silky, flimsy and pretty. It is good for using in Hot Summer.
Ideal for beach towel, yoga mat, wall hanging, tablecloth, couch cover, window curtain, home decor or etc.

Raw material: Polyester
Material: Chiffon
Shape: round
Diameter: 150cm / 59"
Thickness: 2mm / 0.08"
Weight: approx. 280g
Color: light blue / khaki / purple / blue / red totem / green white / yellow green / bright red / purple lotus / purple totem / blue green

Package Contents:
1 x Beach

Warm Note:
Actual images of beach towel in indirect sunlight are shown above. We follow WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get". The original color of beach towels which you buy may differ minutely from the images due to camera capture sensitivity, lighting and even your system screens, so there may be a minor possibility in change of brightness and contrast. We hope get your kindly understanding and support. :)
Depending on the size of products there may be dimension errorn because products are made by hand, and also error in weight due to moisture, dryness, gravity and different measuring machines.

Washing Tips:
Wash the towels before you use at the first time. Deep color towels have slight color fade when first use, it belongs to normal phenomenon.
Wash the towels timely after use every time, avoid sweat stain, grease, dandruff and so on. Prevent the growth of bacteria and peculiar smell.
Wash the towels separately, don’t wash them with other clothes together.
Dry the towel timely after washing it, keep drying. The chiffon towel should be hung up to dry. Do not expose to sun for quite a long time, and do not put it in the wet place for a long time.

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